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Library graph

Graphing Linear Equations

Graph linear equations from slope-intercept or standard form.

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Cd graph attack   lines

Graph Attack: Graphing Lines

Graph lines while zapping restless ghosts. Casper, meet the Cartesian plane.

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Library equation

Writing Linear Equations

Write linear equations given a graph, table, or pair of points.

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Cd matching   linear equations to graphs

Matching: Graphs to Equations

Match graphs to equations to unlock a secret phrase!

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Library equation

Word Problems

Create linear equations to model word problems.

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Cd card sort   converting between forms with linear functions

Card Sort: Converting Between Forms

Match slope-intercept form, point-slope form, standard form, and two points!

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Library solve

Activity: Winning by a Dollar

Use college football data to analyze the relationship between a coach's salary and team's performance.

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